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Red Hill Art Gallery Kenya

  • Red Hill Art Gallery Kenya
© Red Hill Art Gallery Kenya
P.O. Box 1684
- 00621 Nairobi
Tel. : + 254 700 108989 | +254 700 108626
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Red Hill Art Gallery, located in the lush green hills just outside Nairobi opened in 2012. The gallery was built to be light and airy, tucked away in a beautiful garden with views on the Nairobi skyline. It provides a stunning and wholly appropriate space devoted to a passion for African Art.

The gallery owns a large collection, amassed over a period of 25 years by the owners, which amounts to a very astutely selected cross-section of some of the finest modern and contemporary African artworks, including paintings and sculptures. This collection provides the foundation of the exhibition programme. In addition, the gallery presents several shows each year dedicated to individual artists. Some of these artists are well established with an international reputation and represent movements from across the whole of Africa, whilst other artists represent the newly emerging talent, a veritable renaissance from this side of the continent.

The mission of this exciting venture is to provide a platform to support and promote our local creative talent, and to contribute to the national and international recognition of contemporary art in Africa.

The gallery welcomes art enthusiasts, collectors, curators and all who love this extraordinary period in African art

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