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Nasambu and The Mystic Nomads

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Nasambu Barasa, (Kenya/USA) Afro-Soul Singer-songwriter, producer and founder of the band, The Mystic Nomads, has captivated audiences on 3 continents with her unique style, a fusion of Jazz, Reggae, Latin, and African rhythms that is deeply rooted in her spirituality as a mystic. Nasambu seamlessly vocalizes her poetry in the languages of English, Swahili, Spanish and French. Stylistically she pens soul-stirring lyrics to reflect the realities of today's mystic nomads living in a global village.

The latest album, Activate Afrika, was recorded live in Southern California with The Mystic Nomads band, and released in the summer of 2012. The project was fully produced by Nasambu and presents a new wave of fresh creations and visions, featuring some of the top African, Jazz and Latin musicians in Los Angeles. The recent music video release, Monopoly, is the first single off the Activate Afrika Album.

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